Yamato Maya

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Onstage (Yamato Maya) Live2D Model

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Kanji 大和 麻弥
English Maya Yamato
School Haneoka Girls' High School
Year Second Year
Class 2-B
Band Pastel palettes logo
Instrument Drums
Gender Female
Birthday November 3
Height 161 cm
Zodiac Scorpio
Blood Type O
Favorite Food Vegetable sticks
Least Favorite Food Fancy food
Hobbies Tinkering with sound equipment
Image Color
Voice Actress
Kanji 中上育美
Romaji Nakagami Ikumi
Yamato Maya is a second-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and is a member of Pastel*Palettes.

Prior to joining the band, she was a studio musician. Originally, Maya wasn't intended to be a member of the band, but was prompted in by Chisato due to their lack of finding a drummer, and after they had seen Maya without her glasses.


Maya has shoulder-length, pale brown hair with layered forelocks and a tuft of bangs  covering her forehead. She wears half-rim glasses over her dark green eyes.

During performances she removes her glasses. She adorns her hair with ribbons or accessories. Her outfit is mint and lavender themed, with her top styled to match Hina and Eve.

Her casual attire consists of a white tank-top paired with black pants that have thin suspender straps, brown finger-less gloves, and a long, dull blue jacket tied around her waist. She wears a beige newspaper boy cap.


A tomboy who appears awkward around other people, Maya isn't very social and does not take care of her hair and skin, and used to be a bit socially withdrawn prior to becoming a drummer. But around musical equipment she becomes ecstatic and is impossible to stop when talking about her beloved hobby.

Maya admires Eve for her looks and is also good friends with her, and Aya as well for her dedication on becoming a great idol. Because of her awkward nature, she is also often teased by Hina (unintentionally most of the time), and gently scolded by Chisato because of her unique "Huhehe" laugh.


Game Interactions

A list of characters Maya interacts with in the game.

Aya (icon)Hina (icon)Chisato (icon)Eve (icon)Kaoru (icon)Hagumi (icon)Misaki (icon)


Card Name Rarity Type Skill Availability (Initial Availability for permanent gacha cards)
Otaku Drummer 1★ Pure Score Up Band Story 1 Chapter 1
Onstage 2★ Cool Perfect Lock + Score Up
Glasses Off 3★ Pure Score Up
My First Drums 2★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures
Moved To Tears 3★ Power Life Recovery + Score Up When the Flowers Bloom
One Supporting Two 2★ Pure Score Up A Blue and Red Sonata Gacha
Serious Survivor 4★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up Doki Doki! Idol Survival Gacha
A Reporter's Job 3★ Happy Score Up New Years Day! Trouble with the Omikuji!
A Sparkling Stage 2★ Pure Life Recovery + Score Up
Boldly Challenge It! 4★ Pure Score Up White Snow Fairy Gacha
Modest Idol 2★ Power Perfect Lock + Score Up What a Wonderful World!
Discovering Treasures! 4★ Cool Score Up Samurai Hearts For Troubled Times! Gacha
Racing Heartbeat 2★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up The Cursed Well and the School's Ghost
An Idol Is... 3★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up Colorful Radiant Road Gacha
Practice Is Starting! 4★ Happy Perfect Score Rate Up 10 Million Downloads Worldwide Dream Festival


  • Maya refers to herself with the "jibun" pronoun, which literally means "oneself" and is a very casual pronoun.
  • She doesn't like dogs.
  • Maya is a member of her school's drama club together with Seta Kaoru, though she mainly works as a technician there.
  • According to Pastel Life Episode 4, she has the habit of going into tight spaces.
  • Maya's drum set is TAMA Silverstar VK Limited Edition 5-Piece Shell Pack.


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