Yamabuki Saaya is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is the drummer of Poppin'Party. She became good friends with her classmate Kasumi during the high school entrance ceremony, and since then they often eat lunch together.


Saaya is the oldest of three children in her family; she has a younger brother named Jun, and a younger sister named Sana. Saaya's family own the Yamabuki Bakery, at which she helps out, even during the school term.

Saaya used to play in a girls' band called CHiSPA when she was in middle school, but quit because she didn't want to burden her bandmates and her family due to an incident that happened before a past performance. But thanks to Kasumi, who never gave up on her, and her mother's support, she regained her passion for music and her desire to perform in a band, thus became the last member of Poppin'Party to join.


Saaya has slanted blue eyes and long, curly brown hair worn in a high ponytail, usually tied up in a ribbon. She has spread-out bangs and shoulder-length curled forelocks. She wears a long pale yellow skirt with a white, frilly off-the-shoulder top.


A kind, hardworking person who cares deeply about her friends, Saaya often lends an ear to Kasumi and Rimi. She is generally level-headed and easygoing, and is like an 'older sister' to the other girls, always willing to help them out in hard times.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Saaya interacts with in the game.

Kasumi (icon)Tae (icon)Rimi (icon)Arisa (icon)Moca (icon)Tomoe (icon)Kaoru (icon)Hagumi (icon)


  • She is friends with Tomoe because they're both older sisters and drummers, and with Moca due to her being the self-proclaimed number #1 fan of Yamabuki Bakery.
  • She is also friends with Hagumi, who is her classmate, and has a hard time saying no to her requests (such as helping Hagumi to study).
  • Saaya owns a lot of hair scrunchies and collects them as a hobby, even if she doesn't wear all of them.
  • She has the same height as Mitake Ran, Shirokane Rinko, and Okusawa Misaki.
  • In the original storyline, she used the Katakana romanization of her name, サアヤ (Saaya), while "exchanging diaries" through the desk she shares with Kasumi.


Card Name Rarity Type Skill Availability (Initial Availability for permanent gacha cards)
Everybody's Sister 1★ Power Score Up Initially Available
Onstage 2★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up
Important Moment 3★ Power Life Recovery + Score Up
Matching Scrunchies 4★ Pure Perfect Lock + Score Up
Buns For Luck 3★ Power Perfect Lock + Score Up Presents For You Gacha
Bride For A Day 3★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up The Impromptu Wedding Dress
Sweet Service 2★ Power Score Up Rockin' Nurse Gacha
Evening Primping 4★ Happy Score Up Sparkling! Starmine Gacha
Merry Surprise! 4★ Cool Life Dependent Score Up Bright Christmas Limited Gacha
Many Mementos 3★ Happy Score Up FUN! FUN! CiRCLING FIVESTAR!
Poppin' Colors! 2★ Pure Life Recovery + Score Up
GOGO WEGO! 2★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up WEGO Collaboration Login Bonus
Saaya's Confession 3★ Happy Life Dependent Score Up Glistening Bridge Gacha
Puppet Show 3★ Pure Perfect Lock + Score Up On Sunday, We Got Separated At The Park
Sparkling Smile 4★ Power Life Recovery + Score Up Colorful Holiday Gacha
Comforting Friends 4★ Pure Score Up Cheering Ensemble Gacha



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