Wakamiya Eve is a first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and a member of Pastel*Palettes. She is in the same class as Kasumi Toyama and many other members of Poppin'Party. Before joining Pastel*Palettes, she was a model at the same agency.

Eve is half-Japanese, half-Finnish, hailing from Finland and finds Japanese culture exciting, often citing bushido, the code of Japanese warriors.[1]

Outside of the band, she is friends with Hazawa Tsugumi and also works part-time at her family's cafe.


Eve is taller than the other members of her band, with fair skin and big, feminine turquoise eyes. Her medium length silver hair is worn in thick braided pigtails normally adorned with ribbons, a headband, or a hat. Her bangs are split off-center with a loose, pointed strand layered over them on either side of the head.

In the band she wears purple clothing, while her casual attire consists mainly of white and black with turquoise shades. Her casual attire is mature and gender-ambiguous; she wears a turquoise patterned turtleneck on top of a white long-sleeved blouse. Eve also wears white jeans held by a black belt.

Her stage outfit within the band is made of lilac, lavender, and violet shades.


A bright girl who tackles everything standing in her path full throttle. She is enthusiastic and chipper, eager to learn all that she can about Japan. At times her thought process can be strange, and when going on about Bushido she comes off as humorous. She is easygoing and polite and loves hugging people. Though she has some misconceptions about Japan and sometimes misunderstands what other people say, Eve always tries her best to learn.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Eve interacts with in the game.

Aya (icon)Hina (icon)Chisato (icon)Maya (icon)Kasumi (icon)Tae (icon)Rimi (icon)Arisa (icon)Tsugumi (icon)Rinko (icon)Kokoro (icon)Hagumi (icon)


  • Along with Matsubara Kanon, she is a member of the Japanese Tea Ceremony Club. Eve is also a member of both the Kendo Club and the Flower Arrangement Club.
  • She is the tallest Pastel*Palettes member.
  • She gets up 4 am every day.
  • She, along with Aya, are the only members of Pastel*Palettes that interact with all other bands during Lives (and in the dialogues at the end of every game).
  • Eve calls people's name by their katakana spellings (eg. Tae-san as タエさん instead of たえさん).
  • She owns a wooden sword.
  • Her facial muscles are very fragile, and when very stiff, might take time to turn back to her original appearance, as shown in Pastel Life.
  • Her actions are often confused by Aya.
  • In the 1st season of the anime, she has appeared as Kasumi's classmate.[2]
  • She is afraid of listening to horror stories.[3]


Card Name Rarity Type Skill Availability (Initial Availability for permanent gacha cards)
Bushido! 1★ Pure Score Up Band Story 1 Chapter 1
Onstage 2★ Cool Perfect Lock + Score Up
Samurai Help Each Other 3★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up
Longing For Sakura 2★ Pure Perfect Lock + Score Up Hanasakigawa's Sakura Gacha
Spirit Of Bushido 2★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up Teatime in Wonderland Gacha
Model Mode 3★ Cool Perfect Lock + Score Up Past Aspirations And Pastel Futures
Bouquet of Sincerity 3★ Pure Perfect Lock + Score Up Flowers and Butterflies Gacha
Serious Mind 2★ Power Score Up Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols
Pastel Maid 2★ Happy Score Up Sweet Suite Gacha
First-Rate Hospitality 4★ Power Score Up Natural Wind Gacha
First-Time Mochi Maker 4★ Pure Life Dependent Score Up Springtime Sunrise Limited Gacha
A Sparkling Stage 2★ Power Life Recovery + Score Up
Trendy Hairstyle 3★ Happy Score Up What a Wonderful World!
Unyielding Swordswoman 3★ Pure Life Recovery + Score Up ~Newly Composed Score~ Melodious Gacha
My Bushido! 4★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up Samurai Hearts For Troubled Times! Gacha
I Want To Share 3★ Power Perfect Lock + Score Up Luminous Once Again
Beach Posing 4★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up Everlasting! Blue Ocean Splash Limited Gacha
10 Million Downloads Worldwide Dream Festival
Sweet Vampire 2★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up Trick or Escape!
Bargaining 3★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up Winter Sky Marching


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