Udagawa Ako

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Onstage (Udagawa Ako) transparent

Overlapping Blue Roses (Udagawa Ako) transparent

Kanji 宇田川 あこ
English Ako Udagawa
School Haneoka Girls' Junior High School
Year Third Year (middle school)
Band Roselia logo
Instrument Drums
Gender Female
Birthday July 3
Zodiac Cancer
Blood Type B
Favorite Food Potato chips
Jelly beans
Least Favorite Food Sea cucumbers
Bell peppers
Hobbies Finding the latest trends
Voice Actress
Kanji 桜川 めぐ
Romaji Sakuragawa Megu
Udagawa Ako is a third-year student in the middle school branch of Haneoka Girls' High School and is a member of Roselia. She admires Minato Yukina and her older sister Udagawa Tomoe, and is the best friend of Shirokane Rinko.


Ako is a short, petite girl with big, sharp crimson eyes. She has long light purple hair worn in curled pigtails with matching forelocks and straightened bangs. At times she has a fanged tooth.

Her casual attire borders on punk design with a cute flair.


Ako has chuunibyou tendencies, and has illusions of grandeur and magical powers. Rinko suspects this is the result from her playing online games frequently. She enjoys playing the role while keeping a realistic mentality. She is very cheery and noisy, and, despite only being two years younger than the other band members, is treated like the kid sister by the other characters due to her childlike appearance and personality.

Ako often wonders how she can be a "cooler" person, and sometimes feels inadequate compared to her other band mates, especially since Yukina and Sayo occasionally ignore her or scoff at her ideas at times.


Card Name Rarity Attribute Skill
The Coolest Drummer! 1★ Powerful Score Up
Onstage 2★ Cool Score Up
Little Demon 3★ Powerful Score Up
Sincere Ambition 3★ Cool Perfect Lock + Score Up
Attending a Wedding Ceremony! 2★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up
Refresh with Everyone 2★ Cool Perfect Lock + Score Up
Tomoe's Exclusive Nurse 4★ Powerful Life Recovery + Score Up
Floaties and the Ocean 2★ Pure Perfect Lock + Score Up
Forever my Hero! 3★ Pure Life Recovery + Score Up
Overlapping Blue Roses 2★ Powerful Life Recovery + Score Up
Necromancer of the Abyss 4★ Happy Life Dependent Score Up
Skiing Pro 2★ Powerful Perfect Lock + Score Up
Number One Fan 4★ Cool Perfect Score Rate Up
Teatime With Everyone 3★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up


  • Ako is a member of her school's dance club.
  • Her drum set is a DW (Drum Workshop) Collector Series: Pure Maple five-piece.
  • Ako plays a dark summoner or necromancer class in Neo Fantasy Online, the online game she plays with Rinko.
  • Ako sings the beginning of verse 2 in BLACK SHOUT, and sings all the pre-chorus parts in Nesshoku Starmine.


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