Tsurumaki Kokoro

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Onstage (Tsurumaki Kokoro) transparent

Smiling Magic (Tsurumaki Kokoro) transparent

Kanji 弦巻 こころ
English Kokoro Tsurumaki
School Hanasakigawa Girls' High School
Year First Year
Band Hello happy world English logo
Instrument Vocals
Gender Female
Birthday August 8
Zodiac Leo
Blood Type B
Favorite Food Everything
Least Favorite Food None
Hobbies Looking for fun things to do
Voice Actress
Kanji 美来伊藤
Romaji Itou Miku
Tsurumaki Kokoro is a happy-go-lucky first-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is a member of Hello, Happy World! Her goal in life is to make the world smile.


Kokoro has large, rounded yellow eyes with thin lashes and long, straightened pale blonde hair with matching bangs and forelocks.


An idealistic and charismatic young girl coming from a wealthy family, Kokoro dreams of making the entire world smile from music. She effortlessly attracts others to her due to her bright and bubbly nature, and often manages to get them swept up into her easy-going pace. Because of her charismatic and naturally imposing personality, she is often able to do and get what she wants. She is also extremely curious and easily amazed, charmed by new things she discovers in the world around her.

Although Kokoro has the optimism and charm of a natural leader, she is also quite scatterbrained and ditzy, and would not be able to get much done without the others in the group helping her.


Card Name Rarity Attribute Skill
Hanasakigawa Dimension 1★ Happy Score Up
Onstage 2★ Pure Perfect Lock + Score Up
Invincible Hero 3★ Power Score Up
Sakura Special! 3★ Pure Score Up
Maritime Detective 4★ Happy Score Up
Garupa Cafe♪2017 2★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up
Collab Lawson 2017 2★ Powerful Score Up
Happy Revolution! 3★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up
Appear with a bang! 2★ Pure Score Up
Witch in Training 4★ Powerful Score Up
Poppin & After 2★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up
I’m A Penguin, Too! 2★ Powerful Life Recovery + Score Up
Fun-filled New Year 4★ Pure Life Recovery + Score Up
Smiling Magic 2★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up
Everyone, Let’s Go! 3★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up
I Love Fluffy Characters! 2★ Cool Score Up


  • She thinks reading is fun.
  • Along with Hikawa Hina, she also joins the Astronomy club in her own school. So they are pretty close to each other.


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