Maruyama Aya

Pretty In Pink☆ transparent

Onstage (Maruyama Aya) transparent

A Sparkling Stage Awaits (Maruyama Aya) transparent

Kanji 丸山 彩
English Aya Maruyama
School Hanasakigawa Girls' High School
Year Second Year
Band Pastel palettes logo
Instrument Vocals
Gender Female
Birthday December 27
Zodiac Capricorn
Blood Type A
Favorite Food Omurice
Least Favorite Food Octopus
Hobbies Social media
Taking selfies
Image Color
Voice Actress
Kanji 前島亜美
Romaji Maeshima Ami
Maruyama Aya is a second-year student at Hanasakigawa Girls' High School and is the lead singer of Pastel Palettes.


Aya has fair skin, large pink eyes, and shoulder-length, pastel pink hair with wavy ends. Her bangs are straight cut with a small slant to the corner and a split off-center. Her forelocks are thin and curled. Usually, she wears her hair loose, but when performing or training, she ties it up in pigtails.

Her casual attire is flirty and feminine, with soft colors, floral accents, and jewelry.


On the outside, Aya is very cheery, high-spirited, and bubbly. She is also very nice and has always been in love with idols. She is unselfish in her pursuits, helping others for the sake of being kind.

Deep down, however, she is a sensitive girl who suffers from a complex stemming from her desire to be noticed. She gets worked up easily and tends to cry a lot, thus her improvisation skills are poor.

Aya works hard in order to become an idol she can be proud of, and is very determined in her goal and passion despite her shortcomings. She is also very knowledgeable about certain things, such as taking the perfect selfie.



Card Name Rarity Attribute Skill
Pretty In Pink☆ 1★ Powerful Score Up
Onstage 2★ Pure Score Up
Absolute Idol Pose☆ 3★ Pure Perfect Lock + Score Up
My First Aspiration 4★ Powerful Score Up
Working on Tanabata 3★ Powerful Life Recovery + Score Up
Supporting with All I Can 2★ Powerful Perfect Lock + Score Up
1 Day Manager 2★ Cool Life Recovery + Score Up
Garupa Cafe♪2017 2★ Pure Life Recovery + Score Up
Collab Lawson 2017 2★ Cool Score Up
Full Power・Standby 2★ Happy Score Up
Go? Go! 3★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up
Our Poster 4★ Pure Score Up
A Sparkling Stage Awaits 2★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up
Maruyama, Coming Through! 3★ Cool Life Dependent Score Up
My Ideal Idol! 3★ Powerful Score Up
SNS Glory? 3★ Pure Life Recovery + Score Up


  • She has a senpai-kouhai relationship with Kasumi and often frets over it.
  • She is often confused by Eve.
  • She also interacts with all the other bands. The members included are Kasumi (Poppin' Party), Himari (Afterglow), Lisa (Roselia) and Kanon and Hagumi (Hello, Happy World!)


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