Hikawa Hina is a second-year student at Haneoka Girls' High School and is the guitarist of Pastel*Palettes. She is the younger, more bright-eyed twin of Hikawa Sayo.

She has a habit of describing things with unusual ideophones such as "るん" (Romaji: run) or "ピピツ" (Romaji: pipitsu).


Like her sister Sayo, Hina has sharp green eyes and light, wavy teal hair. However, her bangs are brushed towards the right, and her hair is shoulder-length. Sections of her hair are worn on either side in a braid held by tiny yellow bows.

Her casual attire is fairly tomboyish, featuring pants or shorts and a gingham jacket worn on, or around her waist. During performances, however, she wears frilly and feminine outfits, keeping in theme with the other band members.


A natural genius with an impeccable memory, Hina can acquire and master new skills very quickly, often even with just one attempt. She is very cheerful and carefree, but her relaxed mindset also makes her unable to understand other people's emotions. With this, Hina is also very candid, always being honest and sure of both herself and her actions.  

Unlike Sayo, who dislikes being a twin, Hina seems to embrace it. She is very supportive of her sister and loves her regardless of how she treats her, but they often get into arguments due to their conflicting personalities. To add to this Hina wants to do most things together with her, but this ultimately has lead to Sayo quitting most of her hobbies as she felt like Hina was just copying her and then always did it better than her, thus feeding into her inferiority complex more.

Game Interactions

A list of characters Hina interacts with in the game.

Aya (icon)Chisato (icon)Maya (icon)Eve (icon)Ran (icon)Moca (icon)Sayo (icon)Lisa (icon)Ako (icon)Kokoro (icon)Kaoru (icon)Misaki (icon)


  • She watches Roselia's shows to watch her sister Sayo perform, but when she's caught and told not to, Hina attends their shows in disguise.
  • She can quickly remember slightly difficult things due to her genius nature, like a scenario log or sheet music.
  • In one of her character lines, she admitted that she likes volleyball and is pretty good at it.
  • The English translations of her two commonly used ideophones are "boppin'" and "zappin'."
  • She is the only member of her own school's Astronomy Club similar to Tsurumaki Kokoro.


Card Name Rarity Type Skill Availability (Initial Availability for permanent gacha cards)
Genius Girl 1★ Cool Score Up Band Story 1 Chapter 1
Onstage 2★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up
Unknown Presence 3★ Power Perfect Lock + Score Up
Light-Year Luster 3★ Cool Score Up Searching For Stars
Important Opportunity 2★ Power Score Up White Beginnings Gacha
Important Tanzaku 4★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up Twinkling Milky Way Gacha
Backstage 2★ Pure Score Up Flowers and Butterflies Gacha
Serious Swinging! 3★ Pure Perfect Lock + Score Up Pastel*Palettes! Deserted Island Idols
Rough Measurements 3★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up Sweet Suite Gacha
A Sparkling Stage 2★ Cool Perfect Lock + Score Up
Ski Slopes Are Super! 3★ Power Life Recovery + Score Up First Time!? Winter Sports
The One and Only Me 4★ Cool Life Dependent Score Up Pastel*Bloom Girls Gacha
GOGO WEGO! 2★ Happy Perfect Lock + Score Up WEGO Collaboration Login Campaign
New Merchandise 3★ Cool Score Up Samurai Hearts For Troubled Times! Gacha
A Shooting Star Meeting 4★ Power Score Up Chasing the Truth - Hard-Boiled Detective Gacha
Hina's Request 3★ Happy Life Recovery + Score Up Luminous Once Again
Mischievous Devil 4★ Cool Perfect Lock + Score Up Mysterious Halloween Night Limited Gacha
7.77 Million Players Dream Festival


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