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stories needing transcript.. chooco's to do perhaps
A Crucial Member/Card Story A Happy Revolution!/Card Story
Apprentice Witch/Card Story Bearded Santa/Card Story
Beyond Clear Autumn Skies/Card Story Blue-Rose Maid/Card Story
Bouquet of Sincerity/Card Story Bread-Carrying Race!/Card Story
Charging Santa/Card Story Christmas For All/Card Story
Eternal Aspiration!/Card Story Everybody, On Three!/Card Story
Fired Up!/Card Story First-Rate Hospitality/Card Story
For the Fireworks! I Swear!/Card Story Heave, Ho? Heave, Ho!/Card Story
I Want to Help/Card Story Ice Cornet♪/Card Story
Important Moment/Card Story Journey's Aim/Card Story
Lisa-like Lyrics/Card Story Lone-Wolf Songstress/Card Story
Merry Surprise!/Card Story Michelle the Magician/Card Story
My Confidante/Card Story My Former Nickname/Card Story
My Own Kind of Good/Card Story One Supporting Two/Card Story
Onstage (Kitazawa Hagumi)/Card Story Origami Fun/Card Story
Pajama Party/Card Story Party Prep/Card Story
Pastel Maid/Card Story Poppin' & After/Card Story
Poppin' & Happy/Card Story Promised Candy/Card Story
Proof I'm Here/Card Story Rough Measurements/Card Story
Serious Business/Card Story Serious Standby.../Card Story
Serious Survivor/Card Story Serious Swinging!/Card Story
Sexy Vampire/Card Story Shared Happiness/Card Story
Shy Angel/Card Story Sincere Ambition/Card Story
Sound Of The Beginning/Card Story Sportsmanship/Card Story
Tanabata Pair/Card Story Teardrops and Rainfall/Card Story
Temporary Chaperone/Card Story The Best Work Friend/Card Story
The Dessert Instructor/Card Story The Forgetful Ghost/Card Story
The Smile of Competition/Card Story The Spooky Scare-case/Card Story
Theme Park Fun!/Card Story Time For Chocolate Cornets/Card Story
Transformation Technique?/Card Story What's Important to Me/Card Story
What Should I...?/Card Story White Team Cheerleader?/Card Story