A New Job

Live house CiRCLE is planning a major event. But how do people join?

Let's find some girls bands!

Marina asks Poppin'Party to scout girls bands for the event. What happens when they go to look for Roselia?

The Perfect High School Band

Kasumi and the girls finally find Roselia. What happens when they invite them to perform?


Kasumi and Saaya go to scout for Afterglow when they run into someone they know.


Kasumi and Arisa go to the Talent Agency for the first time. What happens when they invite members to perform?

Hello, Happy World!

Kasumi and Rimi continue scouting for bands. But what's this crowd gathered outside the station...?

Introduction by Music

All the bands get together and introduce themselves. What does Kasumi suggest?

First Joint Practice

After Poppin'Party puts on a performance for Pastel*Palettes, what kind of feedback do they get?

Our Music is the Best

Roselia and Afterglow practice together. Will they fight over their musical differences?!

You know each other?

Pastel*Palettes and Hello, Happy World! practice together. What is revealed?

You guys are out of control~!

Afterglow and Hello, Happy World! practice together. What does an impressed Afterglow do?

Yukina's Lesson

Roselia and Poppin'Party practice together. What does Kasumi do after receiving a fiery instruction from Yukina?

The Much-Awaited Show

On the day of a short live show, all band members are incredibly excited. But what will the audiences think...?

Such a diverse party!

After the short live show, all band members are happy about the performances. What will they do next?

Girls Band Party!

The girls all go to a restaurant to talk. What happens when their opinions don't match up?

In Common

The bands all disagree with each other and decide to stop practicing together. How can Poppin'Party get them back together?

Won't Give Up

With the joint band practice done for, Kasumi is feeling down. What will she do?

Sharing is Caring

Poppin'Party finally manages to get all the bands back in the studio. What will Kasumi ask of them?

Make it yourselves!

Poppin'Party discusses the event. What will Kasumi do with Marina's advice?

Clashing Opinions

Kasumi suggest they all write a song together. How will the bands react?

Working Together

The members of each band work together to make T-shirts and original drinks.

The Last Lyrics

While some band members are handing out flyers, the vocalists work on writing the lyrics for the new song.

Come Together

The girls are all pleased with the collaborative song. The costumes are ready and practice is underway, but will everything go according to plan?