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Kanji アフターグロウ
Romaji Afutāgurou
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Afterglow is an all-girl band in the BanG Dream! franchise. The group consists of five members, namely Mitake Ran on guitar and vocals, Aoba Moca on guitar, Uehara Himari on bass, Udagawa Tomoe on drums, and Hazawa Tsugumi on keyboard.


A girl band made up of 5 childhood friends. When Ran (Vo.) moved to a different class, the girls made a band so they could still see each other. Now in high school, they love playing in their band, practicing after school and playing live shows. They get along famously and almost never fight. Though they're still fairly inexperienced, they gained popularity for their powerful performances and strong vocals.

Band Uniforms

Originally each girl wore different outfits from each other with minor details matching, such as jewelry. Each member also wore matching shoes or boots in their theme color, accent by black strings, sole, and a pair of socks or stockings.

In their current outfits the girls wear outfits similar to their original but paired with a black hoodie that has Afterglow written on it. Each girl also wears buckled straps on their legs, chokers, and black boots paired with tights or socks matching her theme color.



  • This is one of the only units not to wear matching or vaguely similiar/themed attire.
    • However, each girl is shown wearing the same black choker and matching foot wear in the form of boots or shoes with black bottoms, shoelaces, and socks. In their new costumes, they're wearing the same hoodie with name "Afterglow" on it.
  • The members are all childhood friends.